How it all started.

How it all started.

My mum went through the menopause at 40 so it is not surprising that I first experience perimenopause symptoms at 41. I felt like I was losing my mind, my sex drive and self-worth.

I contacted my GP and after a few appointments was left feeling underwhelmed and frustrated by the treatment options and advice I received. I knew first hand; my situation wasn’t unique.


Using my experience to help others

In my 20 years’ experience working as a qualified pharmacist in community,  hospital and general practice settings, I’ve witnessed a lack of available support and affordable treatment options for women suffering with menopausal symptoms.
It’s frustrating. It’s shortening lives. It’s impacting women's health. And it’s not good enough.


It’s time for a menopause revolution.

I became obsessed with enhancing my knowledge on the medical side of the menopause. Completing training with the Marion Gluck Academy and becoming a member of The British Menopause Society and the International Menopause Society.

I started offering a Menopause service in my pharmacy clinic, most of my patients noticed a significant improvement in their well-being, mood and sex drive within about 3-6 weeks of starting treatment. I also started looking into different treatments for my own peri-menopause symptoms. Testosterone isn't readily available from GP's, so I ordered it from an online clinic and started applying the gel to my upper body. Within about a month I felt like myself again, the brain fog had gone and my migraines have improved. It was like someone had turned all my light bulbs back on, I felt alive again.

Then it hit me, Pharmacists are an untapped resource who can alleviate pressure on the NHS and increase access to treatment options for all women suffering from menopausal symptoms. I realised there was so much more I could offer as a prescribing Pharmacist with my own online pharmacy that no one else was doing.


Pharmacists - a key part of the solution

Pharmacists are experts in helping patients, assessing conditions, offering practical help on keeping healthy and making decisions about which medicines to prescribe and dispense.

Some Pharmacists, like myself, have been trained to be independent prescribers, which means that we can prescribe medicines in the areas they have gained expertise. This is how LIVVE can help with treatment of all 48 symptoms under one roof. Patients no longer need to be left wondering who they need to go and see and can bypass their GP if that’s been a cause of frustration to them.


Helping other women, live an empowered life

Inspired by the support of the GenM team and my colleagues I decided to take the plunge and set up LIVVE. An online pharmacy dedicated to improving access and treatment options for the menopause.

I am beyond excited to be able to bring together all my skills that I have learnt as a pharmacist and create something that can make a difference and help women and pharmacists. If you love my ethos, please invite the women in your life to LIVVE their menopause symptoms.

Love, Melissa 

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