Pricing and Fair Trade

We aim to offer you the most competitive prices in return for a great quality of service that you can expect from LIVVE. The cost of a private prescription for humans are calculated based on the actual cost of the medicine plus a standard dispensing fee.

The above charge, in addition to any delivery fees that apply, make the total sum of your purchase order. This total sum will be displayed on the check-out screen and will be the amount that will be deducted from your payment method once you complete the order. We will never apply any hidden charges.

The actual price of the medicine we supply against a prescription may vary depending on the make (e.g. brand or non-branded generic) of the medication and the supply quantity. Prices for medicines, supplied as part of the professional pharmacy services on our website, are clearly stated on the relevant page for each product.

Obtaining medicines on private prescription is not necessarily more expensive than a UK NHS prescription. As we do not apply a minimum charge for prescriptions, it is possible for the cost of an item on a private prescription to be cheaper than the NHS cost payable by the patient. This cost will also depend on the make and the quantity of the medicine.

All prices on our website are in pounds sterling and include VAT unless expressly stated otherwise. We take care to ensure that all pricing information on our website is accurate but occasionally there may be a discrepancy. In the event that an error has occurred and the price charged was higher than the price displayed on our website, we will identify all those that have overpaid and refund the difference to your account.