Employee healthcare is changing. Are you?

When you give your employees support for menopause you’re not just looking out for them – you’re looking out for your business too.


We’re a collective of registered pharmacists, passionate about making treatment of menopausal symptoms more accurate and accessible to all.

It’s important to us, that anyone who comes to us suffering with menopausal symptoms, gets an accurate treatment plan, quickly.

What do employers need to know?

  • How does it feel?

    Imagine going to work and forgetting peoples names…when you get in a muddle with your words; feeling ill; embarrassed with a hot flush; confidence at an all-time low; migraines…that's peri, meno and post menopause.

  • What can you do?

    Educate your staff so that they are aware of the symptoms and how they can manage them.

    Be flexible and try to accommodate symptoms where possible. Employ benefits that can help their physical and mental wellbeing.

  • LIVVE it

    Any employer who wants to attract and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce, needs to be able to create an environment to talk about the menopause openly and without embarrassment…it needs to be normalised, let's help break the stigma!

Employers' knowledge is growing, but…

it must be matched with better support

90% of working women don't know if their employer has a clear menopause policy in place.

88% of working women want their workplace to be better set-up for menopausal colleagues.

it's not all about the ladies…

The menopause can affect relationships, which can then impact on work productivity.

Employers can offer LIVVE consultations as a benefit to your partners to be able to help the other women in their lives suffering with menopausal symptoms.

Introducing - The LIVVE Employee Engagement Programme

  • The webinar series

    A series of educational webinars delivered by our specially-trained menopause Pharmacists, on-hand to answer any medical questions.

    Tailored to your workplace, with an interactive Q&A to offer support and guidance, and to normalise the conversation.

  • Employee support

    Backed up with one-on-one support for your employees, giving them direct access to our team of specially trained Pharmacists.

  • discuss how we can help your employees

    Phone - 07354 847698

    Email - hello@livve.uk


The LIVVE team are registered with British Menopause Society and a fantastic list of specialist partners, so you can be safe in the knowledge we'll take great care of your team.

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