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Colpermin Peppermint Oil


Bloating is a common symptom during perimenopause and menopause. It may be a result of fluctuating hormones during this period of your life. 

Bloating causes you to feel extreme fullness, tightness, swelling or pain in your tummy and other parts of your body. Some lifestyle adjustments or medication may help you with this menopausal symptom.

Colpermin Capsules contain natural peppermint oi in a sustained release capsule.

They are protectively coated so that they survive in the stomach and can release the active ingredient peppermint oil directly into the lower bowel. Peppermint oil helps alleviate symptoms by:

  • Reducing trapped wind, bloating and discomfort
  • Relaxing muscles in the intestines
  • Helping to regulate bowel movements at a normal frequency

Colpermin IBS Relief Peppermint Oil - 20 Capsules

This product is Menopause Friendly. Learn more at Gen M

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