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Female Wellwoman Hormone Blood Test & Follow up (VENOUS CLINIC)


This measures your female hormones and thyroid hormones in your blood which regulate fertility, mood and energy. 

Are you looking to give your health a lift and would like to make lifestyle changes based on your current health? Perhaps you'd like to identify health risks or get peace of mind by checking that everything's okay.

This test give you a thorough overview of your health. You can check your vitamin and mineral levels, establish your risk of conditions like diabetes and heart disease, and check your thyroid function. This test also includes a hormone panel of FSH, LH, and oestradiol, & Testosterone which play important roles in menstruation and fertility and menopause.

LIVVE partner with Medichecks, a leading remote blood testing company. If your pharmacist thinks a blood test is needed, they will order it for you with Thriva.

Blood test results are sent back to yourself and your LIVVE pharmacist for your follow-up consultation.


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