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Driclor Solution


As we head into the perimenopause, our levels of oestrogen fall which send our hypothalamus (the part our brain that regulates our temperature) into overdrive which causes our bodies to sweat more!!!

Driclor Solution has been designed to treat heavy sweating, or hyperhidrosis. It works by forming a gel matrix in the effected sweat glands, which reduces and eventually stops the flow of sweat on your body.

Excess sweat is reabsorbed into the body and disposed of in the normal way. It works on the hands, feet, and armpits, tackling some of the areas most vulnerable to excess sweating.

The active ingredient is aluminium chloride. Within just a few weeks of using Driclor Solution, excessive perspiration should disappear and sufferers should feel cool, dry and fresh.

Driclor Solution Roll-on 20ml

This product is Menopause Friendly. Learn more at Gen M

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