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The risk of osteoporosis increases with the menopause!! And yet again it's down to the lack of oestrogen, as this hormone is essential for healthy bones. If you over-exercise or diet drastically before the menopause, causing your periods to stop for six months or longer, you can be at risk of osteoporosis too. 

Looking after your bone health is a priority during the menopause, Menopace Calcium is a comprehensive formulation of 24 nutrients including 700mg of calcium.

  • All benefits of Menopace with the addition of calcium
  • Includes nutrients for bone health, heart health and hormonal balance
  • Calcium, vitamin D and magnesium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones
  • Does not contain any drugs or hormones

MENOPACE Calcium - 30 Tablets

This product is Menopause Friendly. Learn more at Gen M

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