Welcome to LIVVE. The new way to get your menopausal symptoms assessed and treated through our online pharmacy.

It’s only £75 for your initial consultation so you can start to feel like you again.


If any of these symptoms are affecting you, it could be an indication of menopause or perimenopause.

Please don’t suffer in silence. Treatment is available and we’re here to help.

What do employers need to know?

  • How does it feel?

    Imagine going to work and forgetting peoples names…when you get in a muddle with your words; feeling ill; embarrassed with a hot flush; confidence at an all-time low; migraines…that's peri, meno and post menopause.

  • What can you do?

    Educate your staff so that they are aware of the symptoms and how they can manage them.

    Be flexible and try to accommodate symptoms where possible. Employ benefits that can help their physical and mental wellbeing.

  • LIVVE it

    Any employer who wants to attract and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce, needs to be able to create an environment to talk about the menopause openly and without embarrassment…it needs to be normalised, let's help break the stigma!


The LIVVE team are registered with British Menopause Society and a fantastic list of specialist partners, so you can be safe in the knowledge we'll take great care of your team.